Trenching and Excavation

    Need to move some dirt?  Till ground for planting?  Auger post holes?  Split Wood?  Chip brush?

     Auburn Ground Works is here to help you make your home and property as you like it.  Careful planning can save a lot of money, time and effort. We have many tools to get the job done, including:

  • 4.5 yard / 8,000# payload Dump Trailer for hauling to or from your project

6 1/2' Disc Harrow
Soil Preparation Fire Breaks

Box Scraper w/ Ripping Teeth
5' Box Scraper w/ Ripping Teeth
Road/Driveway work and dirt leveling
Ripper teeth turn down to loosen soil

Brush handling up to 5" diameter

Post holes and retainer walls
500# of downforce for tough soil
6" and 12" bits

5' Loader
Hauling, loading, digging, 
lifting, and cleanup
1/3 yard or 10 cu ft

5' Flail Mower
Weed and blackberry abatement / fire breaks,
Rough cut for rough terrain and vegetation removal

Log Splitter
Firewood harvesting and processing

5' Rototiller
Soil preparation

Backhoe Specifications:
A – clearance/transportation height - 6' 3”
B – digging depth - 7’ 7”
C – overall operating height – 12’ 2”
D - loading height – 5’ 6”
F – stabilizer spread – 6’ 6”
  • bucket digging force – 2675 lbs.
  • dipstick (arm) digging force – 2100 lbs.
  • horizontal reach at ground level – 9’ 11”
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